Long time no write

It's finally spring which is a good thing, definitely, definitely. The reason why I haven't written is that I've given up the anxious waiting and started to actually enjoy the days and make the most of them while they're still here. I'm gonna graduate in the end of May or very early June in 2007, depends on how long our schoolyear will be, and I'm gonna start doing my final exams in September. So that means a lot of work and no play. :/

What will this summer have in store for me?
Hopefully a lot of nightly cities.
Lots of stargazing. With a friend or not. Preferably a friend of some sort who is at least interested in learning more about astronomy and somewhat willing to learn to recognize constellations.
A few intoxicants every now and then. Not too often though.
A little too much goofing off with Veera XD
My birthday ^^
Horseback riding. Galloping on Icelandic ponies, they're great. <3
Seeing Tool in Turku, if I have the money. Can't wait!!
Exploring abandoned houses throughout the summer.
Getting a cat in July.
Flying kites, if I can find any of my old ones.
Trying to make irl slushies of the ones on Neopets.
Taking a lot of good photographs.
General sentimentalism shit.

Yeah. That's what I have planned.. Let's see what will get crossed out and what will not. Until that.. I shall listen to Cascada and realize how bad that album is.. They use the same beat in at least two songs. Rather tacky I tell you.
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Lately it's been really cold. On Friday it was almost -22 F here. In northern Finland, Kittilä, it was -40 F. That was the coldest in the whole country. Friggin nice. The snow is so frozen that you can walk on it. No snowmen this year.. Or snow dogs for that matter.

I dreamt of summer last night. How me and Veera are gonna get drunk and spend the night outside and get high on nutmeg. And try to cope with hangover.. But I want to remain oblivious to the negative things for now. It's winter and I must keep on thinking positive.

Hmm. Wonder if Danica wants to borrow her Turtles in Time for me in July. ^^ I want to play it until 4am. Yay.

And maybe we'll get to visit our summer cottage this year.. or maybe my parents will let me and Veera go there because she has a car already. That should be interesting.. Rowing across the lake and exploring the place.. The house where my dad grew up. It's moldy and shit but still. I want to see it. My dad showed it to me once. We were just rowing by though.

Nice place, nice place. Only in the summer though.

Why can't summer be here already?

A few weeks ago I told the ground to come back to life soon and patted it.
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Today I miss summer so much that I can't even understand it. It's frosty outside, about 21.2 F and it's foggy and dark and it depresses me. :<

I miss it when you really need to buy a slushie or ice cream or something like that.

I miss walking on the streets barefooted when they're hot as heck.

I miss staying up all night playing video games.

I miss going out in the morning to watch the sun rise.

I miss swimming in the middle of the night.

I miss sunlight. Warm rain. SAND.

Not snow. Sand.

And green - not white.
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Hello everyone.

I'm sure nobody else will stumble upon this community in a loooong time, but I'll introduce myself just in case. I'm Bunni, a 17 year old human female (despite the nickname). Summer's definitely my favourite season, probably because of the warm nights and the sun rising so early.. And of course, no school. Too bad here in Finland summer lasts for such a short time, then it's back to being bound to schedules and routines.

That's all I have to say right now.

Post whatever you want in the community, just as long as it's summer related. Sharing photography is encouraged! =)
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